Vivid named master toy licensee for Nella The Princess Knight


Vivid Group has been named as the official international master toy licensee for the Nickelodeon animated preschool series Nella the Princess Knight.

Although the program kickstarted in the US in February, it will be aired out on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr channels across the globe in April. Following a new agreement between Nickelodeon and Viacom Consumer Products (NVCP) and Vivid Group, Vivid will now be the official exclusive master toy licensee for Nella the Princess Knight in countries outside of the US. Merchandises within the license include dolls, figures, play sets, plush and play toys which will be launched from spring 2018.

“Nickelodeon’s preschool properties have fueled the brand’s consumer products success abroad, and we look forward to even more growth in the space as we embark on this partnership with Vivid Group for Nella the Princess Knight,” commented Ron Johnson, executive vice president, Nickelodeon and Viacom consumer products (VIMN).

“Nella represents Nickelodeon’s unique twist on the traditional princess story, and we’re confident that Vivid is the right partner to bring this special property to toy aisles around the world.”

MTV RE:DEFINE pays tribute to George Michael

MTV RE-DEFINE pays tribute to George Michael.jpg

MTV RE:DEFINE is an annual charity art exhibition and auction, founded in 2011 by the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and the Goss-Michael Foundation. The contemporary art and music showcase helps the MTV Staying Alive Foundation as well as the arts community.

All proceeds from MTV RE:DEFINE benefit HIV and AIDS prevention and education through the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, and Dallas Contemporary’s commitment to arts education and awareness through its innovative roster of curated programming.

Last year, an incredible $2.5 million was raised to aid our mission to build an empowered and educated generation of young people, equipped with the tools and knowledge to protect themselves and their peers from the HIV epidemic. Through generous donations from leading artists and support from local and national philanthropists and sponsors, MTV RE:DEFINE has raised over $8m to date.

On Friday 24th of March, MTV RE:DEFINE ( will return for its sixth year. This dynamic exhibition and auction will be held at Dallas Contemporary and will bring together iconic and specially commissioned artworks by established and emerging talent. The evening will pay homage to the late George Michael with a special tribute film and include a piece made exclusively for RE:DEFINE by Damien Hirst.

To end the night, there will be an incredible performance by 10-time Grammy Award winner, Chaka Khan.

This year’s Artist Honoree is painter and sculptor, Eric Fischl. Fischl is regarded as one of the most influential figurative painters of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. His artwork is held in the collections of many of the most distinguished museums in the world including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Museum of Modem Art in New York City and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Activities from International Women’s Day at VIMN


International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide highlighting women’s achievements from social to political while striving for gender equality. Observation of the event started in the early 1900s, however it is now recognized each year on March 8. Although it has no affiliations with any one group, it does help bringing together charities, firms and women’s organizations. To mark the event here at Viacom, we held a series of events and discussions ranging from career development to misrepresentation screening, entrepreneurial thinking and much more.

In attendance were entrepreneurs Laura Silverman who gave insight into how she set up her own business providing massages to stressed out workers. Similarly, Steph Douglas spoke on the positive impact millennial women especially are making in the job market and how she left her marketing job to set up her own hugely successful business (Don’t buy her flowers).

However, women still face issues in the workplace. ‘Women have to work really hard at saying I am in this for the run and I want ‘X’ and I want you to give me ‘X’ and I am working hard at getting you to give me ‘X’’ according to founder of One Young World Kate Robinson. For more knowledge and insight from the event:


Kerry Taylor gives inspirational talk – ‘Bridging The Gap’

Kerry Taylor

Kerry Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer Viacom UK & SVP, Youth and Music, Viacom International teamed up with the charity ‘Speakers for Schools’ and gave an inspirational talk to help prepare the next generation by sharing her insights, advice and experiences.

Speakers for Schools, the national education charity dedicated to inspiring and empowering state school students to reach their full potential, is celebrating its 5th anniversary by launching its ‘Bridging the Gap’ talk series and calling on leading UK employers to support its work experience platform and provide opportunities to match the ambitions of young people.

The talk series brings together 35 leading figures in public life from diverse backgrounds to deliver individual talks in state schools and colleges throughout the country. The campaign talks will reach an estimated 4,500 students, with the objective of broadening their horizons by allowing them to hear directly from key figures currently shaping the UK.

VIMN proud to announce launch of Spike channel in Russia


VIMN is proud to announce the launch of our latest Spike channel in Russia. With a reach of over 2.8 million viewers via pay TV networks, it’s definitely exciting times for viewers as they can look forward to western shows such as Sherlock, Fargo, Suits, Peaky Blinders and Lost to name a few. In addition to that, Spike will also air other television programs and films.

VIMN Russia has been controlled by Maxim Mayorets, a leading manager at major local industries conglomerate Renova. Since restructuring had to take place in Russia in late 2015 to adhere to new rules which kicked in last year that limited foreign companies to a maximum of 20 percent stakes in Russian media companies.

Similarly, under a new legislation adopted a few years ago, Spike will be unable to run any commercials in Russia just like all other pay television networks in the country. Revenue will instead be generated from subscription fees.

MTV Staying Alive Foundation announces Leona Lewis as Ambassador

lona lewis 2

Grammy nominated superstar Leona Lewis has been named as an ambassador for MTV Staying Alive Foundation. The talented singer/songwriter wants her voice to be heard on this campaign. MTV Staying Alive deals with HIV prevention at grassroots level across the world to empower and educate young people on HIV.

Leona as a global ambassador will represent MTV Staying Alive acting as a spokesperson and the face of the organization in order to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS as well as funds to ensure that those who are at greater risk, as well as young people are adequately equipped with the tools and knowledge on how to protect themselves and their peers from HIV.

Explaining why she decided to get involved, she said: “It is a great honour to be working with MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation as an ambassador. I’m eager to raise awareness of the ongoing global HIV crisis. By empowering young people with knowledge about the disease – particularly women and girls who are disproportionately affected – we can help treat it and ultimately prevent it altogether.”

Intern Q&A: Lucas Fothergill



What is your name and role and what does it involve?

Hello! I’m Lucas Fothergill, MTV UK’s Digital Media Intern.

I write news stories and features, interview artists, review gigs, and help out around the office with other bits and bobs. (This doesn’t include making everyone tea.)

Favourite thing about working for MTV/VIMN/Comedy Central/Nickelodeon?

There are loads! Here’s my top three:

• The variety. You genuinely get to do something different every day.

• MTV UK’s digital team make you feel valued. You’re encouraged to share your ideas, and if those ideas are half-decent, people will work with you to make them a reality. It’s fun.

• The team are very sociable. The Hawley Arms will become your friend.

Also, nobody asks you to make them tea. So that’s good.

What is the most fun project/ piece of work/event you’ve attended that you have worked on since joining VIMN?

I was sent to Marrakech for a week back in December. That was incredible. If you get to be the next Digital Media Intern, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to do something similar. Enjoy!

Fun fact about yourself? OR If you could have a super power what would it be?

I just went to see the movie Logan (it’s brutal and sad and exhilarating, go see it), so I’ll take healing powers and six adamantium claws, please.

MTV- Favourite MTV celebrity? OR  Favourite music video?

It’s impossible for me to pick my favourite ever music video, so I’ll go for my number one from 2016: ‘Cranes in the Sky’–Solange.



MTV Staying Alive grantee organisations – update

MTV SA update

MTV Staying Alive grantee organisations with a start-up investment to launch their own businesses and become financially sustainable in the long run. From a disabled self-help group in Kenya to a female-led embroidery business in Pakistan, we’re very proud of the amazing progress the enterprises have made since they launched just a few months ago!

Kenya – Kisumu Disabled Self-Help Group

Led by a group of young people with disabilities, Kisumu Disabled has set up a free-range poultry farm focused on egg production. Future profits from selling the eggs will be invested in the organisation’s HIV awareness activities for disabled youths in the area.

Malawi – Development Concept

In the heart of Liwonde, a small town in southern Malawi with limited internet access, Development Concept has opened an internet cafe and stationary shop. However, before being able to surf the web, customers need to complete an online HIV quiz.
If unsuccessful, staff will provide additional HIV information. HIV testing and counselling is also available.

Nigeria – Queer Alliance

Queer Alliance has opened a hair salon in Lagos, profits will be used for Queer Alliance’s HIV prevention activities targeting the local LGBT community.

Pakistan – Aware Girls

Aware Girls are the first female-led embroidery business in town and will ensure all 500 girls who create dresses for them will get a proper pay and will also educate them on their sexual health and rights.

Rwanda – United Youth for Rwanda Development (UYRD)

UYRD has set up a farm with 100 pigs, 200 chickens and bees. In January, it made a profit of $3,300, 70% of which will go towards HIV prevention activities in the local community as well as in prisons.



The MTV Staying Alive Foundation produce ground breaking multi-media HIV prevention content, while funding young leaders who are fighting HIV in their own communities.

We’re very pleased to announce the new youth-led HIV prevention initiatives that we’ll be supporting this year, alongside our 28 existing projects. We received hundreds of applications, from every corner of the world, and after a long deliberation process, we selected nine projects that we believe are the most promising. We can’t wait to start working together with them!

Our new partners will receive a financial grant, together with a comprehensive capacity building package, which includes residential and online training to make sure they are able to implement their projects successfully and sustainably.

Want to know what exactly we’ve got in store for
2017? Here’s a brief overview of our
nine new projects:

Kenya – Partners in Action
In Nairobi, Kenya, Partners in Action will rebrand several buses with HIV awareness messaging. Alongside this, they will train school and university bus drivers to become peer educators, air MTV Shuga and will also turn bus stops into rapid HIV testing spots.

Zambia – Circus Zambia
Circus Zambia will be using circus shows to engage young people from rural townships in the capital, Lusaka, in discussions about HIV and safe sex. Their ‘Clowns for Condoms’ project will aim to break the taboo around HIV and reach rural communities that are particularly at-risk.

Some to the team from Circus Zambia perfecting their skills

Sri Lanka – Child Rehabilitation Centre
In Sri Lanka, Child Rehabilitation Centre will be working with hundreds of female and male sex workers in a region that attracts many sex tourists. They will conduct outreaches and establish peer support networks to educate sex workers about the importance of safe sex and regular HIV testing.

Tanzania – Youth for New Beginnings
Youth for New Beginnings will be working in prisons, and will a use a creative approach to create HIV awareness. Using puppet shows, they aim to break the taboo around HIV in prisons.

Russia – REVERS
Russia has seen a rapid decline in LGBTI rights recently and young Russian gay men are particularly at risk of HIV. REVERS is a youth-led LGBTI organisation from Krasnodar, south-west Russia. They will be conducting HIV awareness outreaches to local gay nightclubs and creating a safe space where young LGBTIs can meet, discuss sexual health matters and access free condoms.

Uganda – Ask Without Shame
Ask Without Shame have produced a mobile application through which individuals can anonymously submit sexual health questions and have them answered by a professional counsellor. Our grant will allow them to expand their reach and include physical outreach activities using peer-to-peer education.

India – Yaariyan
Yaariyan is a Mumbai-based online LGBTI community. With our support, they will combine online HIV awareness campaigns with HIV education outreaches to the local LGBTI community, together with condom distributions.

Suriname – The Big Five Foundation
The Big Five will create a ‘buddy’system to reach hundreds of high school students from rural schools and communities in remote parts of Suriname, South America, with safe sex and HIV prevention messaging.

Ukraine – Nikolaev Regional Public Youth Movement
Ukraine has the highest HIV rate in Europe and infections are still on the rise, particularly among injecting drug users. With our support, NRPYM will be organising HIV-themed theatre performances in prisons to educate young inmates about the risks of unsafe sex and drug injection.

Do you want to find about more about these or other MTV Staying Alive projects? Keep checking our website to stay up to date about their activities!

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