Understanding Global Attitudes towards LGBT

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Acceptance of the LGBT community is growing globally, but equality is still a long way off. For International Transgender Day of Visibility last week, we had a presentation on the findings of a survey that Viacom sponsored in collaboration with Logo and ILGA.

The survey was the largest ever on the topic of global attitudes towards LGBT, reaching 100,000 people in 65 countries. Viacom research shows the power of entertainment to shape attitudes, particularly the transformative role of entertainment upon LGBT acceptance. This study highlights that its everyone’s responsibility to encourage inclusion and embrace difference in every walk of life.

Entertainment and celebrities are the first agents of change for mainstream acceptance.  They lead to increased visibility which in turn, ultimately has a positive impact on LGBTI acceptance and policy. Especially in areas where personally knowing someone who is LGBT is less common, celebrities play a crucial role in shaping young people’s opinion with 1 in 4 saying they are more likely to accept LGBT people if their favorite celebrity did too.

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