Activities from International Women’s Day at VIMN


International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide highlighting women’s achievements from social to political while striving for gender equality. Observation of the event started in the early 1900s, however it is now recognized each year on March 8. Although it has no affiliations with any one group, it does help bringing together charities, firms and women’s organizations. To mark the event here at Viacom, we held a series of events and discussions ranging from career development to misrepresentation screening, entrepreneurial thinking and much more.

In attendance were entrepreneurs Laura Silverman who gave insight into how she set up her own business providing massages to stressed out workers. Similarly, Steph Douglas spoke on the positive impact millennial women especially are making in the job market and how she left her marketing job to set up her own hugely successful business (Don’t buy her flowers).

However, women still face issues in the workplace. ‘Women have to work really hard at saying I am in this for the run and I want ‘X’ and I want you to give me ‘X’ and I am working hard at getting you to give me ‘X’’ according to founder of One Young World Kate Robinson. For more knowledge and insight from the event:


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