Kerry Taylor gives inspirational talk – ‘Bridging The Gap’

Kerry Taylor

Kerry Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer Viacom UK & SVP, Youth and Music, Viacom International teamed up with the charity ‘Speakers for Schools’ and gave an inspirational talk to help prepare the next generation by sharing her insights, advice and experiences.

Speakers for Schools, the national education charity dedicated to inspiring and empowering state school students to reach their full potential, is celebrating its 5th anniversary by launching its ‘Bridging the Gap’ talk series and calling on leading UK employers to support its work experience platform and provide opportunities to match the ambitions of young people.

The talk series brings together 35 leading figures in public life from diverse backgrounds to deliver individual talks in state schools and colleges throughout the country. The campaign talks will reach an estimated 4,500 students, with the objective of broadening their horizons by allowing them to hear directly from key figures currently shaping the UK.

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