VIMN proud to announce launch of Spike channel in Russia


VIMN is proud to announce the launch of our latest Spike channel in Russia. With a reach of over 2.8 million viewers via pay TV networks, it’s definitely exciting times for viewers as they can look forward to western shows such as Sherlock, Fargo, Suits, Peaky Blinders and Lost to name a few. In addition to that, Spike will also air other television programs and films.

VIMN Russia has been controlled by Maxim Mayorets, a leading manager at major local industries conglomerate Renova. Since restructuring had to take place in Russia in late 2015 to adhere to new rules which kicked in last year that limited foreign companies to a maximum of 20 percent stakes in Russian media companies.

Similarly, under a new legislation adopted a few years ago, Spike will be unable to run any commercials in Russia just like all other pay television networks in the country. Revenue will instead be generated from subscription fees.

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