Intern Q&A: Lucas Fothergill



What is your name and role and what does it involve?

Hello! I’m Lucas Fothergill, MTV UK’s Digital Media Intern.

I write news stories and features, interview artists, review gigs, and help out around the office with other bits and bobs. (This doesn’t include making everyone tea.)

Favourite thing about working for MTV/VIMN/Comedy Central/Nickelodeon?

There are loads! Here’s my top three:

• The variety. You genuinely get to do something different every day.

• MTV UK’s digital team make you feel valued. You’re encouraged to share your ideas, and if those ideas are half-decent, people will work with you to make them a reality. It’s fun.

• The team are very sociable. The Hawley Arms will become your friend.

Also, nobody asks you to make them tea. So that’s good.

What is the most fun project/ piece of work/event you’ve attended that you have worked on since joining VIMN?

I was sent to Marrakech for a week back in December. That was incredible. If you get to be the next Digital Media Intern, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to do something similar. Enjoy!

Fun fact about yourself? OR If you could have a super power what would it be?

I just went to see the movie Logan (it’s brutal and sad and exhilarating, go see it), so I’ll take healing powers and six adamantium claws, please.

MTV- Favourite MTV celebrity? OR  Favourite music video?

It’s impossible for me to pick my favourite ever music video, so I’ll go for my number one from 2016: ‘Cranes in the Sky’–Solange.



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